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Wooden Shaving Brush and Stand

Wooden Shaving Brush and Stand

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If you are looking to change up your shaving experience these vegan-bristle brushes are just the thing. These brushes provide a fabulous quality and more economical shave compared to the authentic badger brush. These brushes dry faster than an authentic badger brush as well and are a better option for traveling. They are also slightly less coarse and indicated for more sensitive skin.

The black wooden handle is easy to grip and hangs on the metal stand allowing the brush to air dry between uses. The bristles help to exfoliate skin and lift hairs as you apply your shave lather, allowing you to expertly prep for a close, clean shave. Our Classic Shave Bars are just the thing to pair with this brush, head over to our soap bar section to find them! You can also find this set in our Classic Shave Kit paired with a concrete tray, bowl and shave soap in the Bundles and Gift Sets section.

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