Custom Event Favours

A unique twist on traditional favours! 

Personalized favours will set your event apart and get your guests talking (and sniffing!). Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, anniversary parties, corporate functions and any other event you desire them for. Using our stock of all-natural, toxin-free ingredients, we can customize essential oil blends, natural colours, and product sizes, we'll personalize your batch of favours and scents just for you! Let's work together to bring your guests a beautiful, sustainable memory of that special day.

  • Product Options and Pricing:

    • Full (5oz-$9.50) or Half (2.5oz-$5.00) Soap Bars with a personalized card stock label - choose from our selection of soaps on our website OR work with me to formulate a unique recipe your guests will love!
    • Lip Butters (0.3oz-$7.50 in a compostable lip tube, with a personalized label and flavour profile using lip-safe essential oil options. Can be sweetened with Stevia!!
    • Lotion Bars (0.5 oz-$7.50) available in the varieties on our website or work with me to create a custom essential oil blend that suits your event! Available with a personalized label!
    • Bath Soaks (4oz - $5.50) available in a 4oz jar of your choice! Small mason jars or modern varieties available. Customize your soak, from the types of salts to the varieties of bath-safe essential oils available! Or simply choose a blend from our website!
    • Salves (1.5oz-$11) are also available! Choose a preferred salve blend from our website. Custom blends can also be created!
  • Details:

    • Please contact me 6 weeks before an event for soaps in order to allow proper curing time for the soap bars. Orders for all other items must be placed 4 weeks in advance to the event.
    • Custom product labels for favours provided at no extra cost.
    • Cotton pouches and hand-written Kraft tags for each item added at no extra cost. 
    • Additional custom packaging may incur added costs depending on boxes, bags, ribbons etc. required. We will work with your vision and do our best to make it a reality!!
    • 50% down payment required for all custom orders. Remainder due upon shipping date or local pick-up.
    • Shipping costs covered by the customer, free local pickup available.
    • Minimum order is 30 pieces per item.

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