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Rose Lover's Gift Set

Rose Lover's Gift Set

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This is the set that will make that special person in your life feel truly pampered. The nourishing and healing properties of roses have been worked into every product in this lovely gift set. As soon as they open the box they will be surrounded by the soft scent of roses.

The Coconut Rose Soap Bar is made with Niagara Homespun Botanical's homegrown organic roses, which are infused into the oils used to make the soap along with nourishing coconut milk. The same rose-infused oils are also found in the Cocoa Rose Solid Lotion Bar which smells divine and will protect and moisturize your hands. These rose petals are again included in the Lavender Rose Bath Soak and crushed into a fine powder and mixed into the Rose Clay Face Mask. Also included is a cute little face mask brush the perfect size to apply the mask to your face and neck.

*all Old Fashioned Rose Soap Bars in the pictures will be replaced with the NEW Coconut Rose Soap Bar.

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