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Handmade Ceramic Petal Bowl & Facial Mask, w/ optional Face Serum

Handmade Ceramic Petal Bowl & Facial Mask, w/ optional Face Serum

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Face Mask
Face Serum

Facial masks can now be paired with the prettiest hand-built stoneware bowl with scalloped edges, designed and created by @flaxandfire, especially for our masks! It fits perfectly in your palm for mixing our clay masks or organizing little trinkets. It will be available as a gift set and the cute little mask applicator brush will be included.

Choose to add a face serum as well for a complete facial routine. Rose Clay pairs with the Revive Facial Serum (for normal, dry skin and aging skin) and Charcoal Tumeric pairs with the Restore Facial Serum (for oily, acne-prone skin). Use the drop-down menu to add these selections if desired.

To Use: Simply add a scoop of mask powder to the bowl and a touch of water, mix and apply with the mask brush. For a fun twist try adding nourishing ingredients to the mask powder such as honey, yogurt, or a few drops of your favourite face serum, and apply! Add a face serum to your set to complete your routine with a decadent moisturizer. Read more about our Face Serums here. Read about our Facial Masks here to aid in your selection.


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