Collection: Salves, Lotion Bars and Lip Butters

Salves are soft, spreadable preparations for your skin consisting of herbal oils and beeswax.  They are applied to help moisturize and soothe various skin maladies.

Lotion Bars are a great alternative to liquid water-based body lotion, which tends to be overly perfumed and contain drying alcohol. These bars contain simple ingredients...plant-infused oils and luxurious butters, combined with pure, local beeswax creating a solid bar that melts on contact with your skin, only a small portion of the bar is used each time. These Lotion Bars are no-mess, zero-waste and cost-effective way to moisturize your hands!

Our Lip Butters feature a zero-waste, compostable tube which is larger than average lip balms. They are made of oils infused with healing botanicals to help keep your lips moisturized and healthy.